Welcome on board

About us

The salon boat ‘Tourist’ allows you to experience all the thrills that sailing has to offer.
They include exclusive sailing trips with guests from various Grand Hotels

as well as customized tours for other clients, both business and leisure.

This may include coffee/tea, lunch, drinks and dinner tours,

which may also, more or less, include guided tours and …

the ‘Tourist’ is also a recognized marriage location!

The number of guests the boat can accommodate is as follows: during the coffee/tea and drinks tours the number of guests is twelve at the most. For the lunch and dinner tours the maximum is approx. six.

On board

  • Heating
  • Toilet
  • A music system (you can plug in your own Ipod)
  • A tannoy system (microphone with speakers inside and outside)
    This is also used during the guided tours
  • A well-stocked bar (see enclosed list)
  • A professional ‘Nespresso’ machine
  • Windows in the salon and wheel house that can be fully opened
  • Comfortabele plaids for a great stay outside the tub (pre- and late season)
  • Always a bouquet with freshly cut flowers
  • The aforementioned ‘customised programme for every occasion’

The salon boat ‘Tourist’ has her regular berth at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, next to the landing stage of
Hotel Pulitzer, from where the boat leaves and returns.
Of course, you can also get on and off at other pick-up and drop-off points.

If you need more detailed information, please contact captain Imco Bruné,

who, with his team, is in charge of the tours.


The date was 1909, the year when the salon boat ‘Tourist’ was launched.

This event took place at the then renowned shipyard ‘Schouten NV’ at Muiden, a historic port on the IJsselmeer,

just east of Amsterdam, the city where she was to sail around all her life. Meanwhile, more than a hundred years!
With the elegant lines of her iron, riveted hull, the wonderful teak superstructure and the attractive teak
interior, she is still a wonderful sight to behold as she sails through the canals of Amsterdam,

where she still makes exclusive tours with guests of various Grand Hotels.

In May 1946 Sir Winston Churchill took a trip on board the ‘Tourist’.

Thanks to a professional, early restoration and the thorough annual maintenance,

the ‘Tourist’ is in perfect condition.
A treat for the eye are also all the original details, such as the brass metalwork on deck and in the interior, the
wonderful woodcarvings, the ‘Tiffany’ lamps, the ebony dowels in the table and

the solid brass strips in the teak floor panels.

This sailing monument can definitely be called a work of art.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in 2013, after more than a hundred years, the engine of the ‘Tourist’ was
changed to suit modern times and standards.

That year, the diesel engine was replaced by a 100% electric propulsion, ensuring that the vessel is now very quiet,
that she manoeuvres perfectly and harmful emissions have been dramatically reduced.